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Charterhouse Medical Customer Service Statement

Charterhouse Medical is committed to providing quality service to both clients and candidates.

Our values
Charterhouse Medical values reflect those in the Association of Medical Recruiters of Australia & New Zealand. (AMRANZ) and the Recruiting and Services  Consulting Association (RSCA),  Code of Conduct.

Charterhouse Medical incorporates these same values into its work place:

  • Integrity,
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

Integrity is demonstrated by:

  • Acting in the public interest
  • Exercising expertise and authority independently to fulfil its legislative obligations
  • Behaving openly, honestly and accountably and adhering to accepted principles of fairness in all dealings.

Respect is demonstrated by:

  • Acknowledging the professionalism, needs and commitment of all  medical officers & Clients

Responsibility is demonstrated by:

  • Being aware of the impact its work and decisions have on medical officers and clients
  • And the wider community – and acting accordingly
  • Striving to be knowledgeable, objective, responsive, efficient and effective in
  • Everything Charterhouse Medical does.
  • In carrying out their duties Charterhouse Medical consultants are expected to apply the following standards of professional practice:
    • To know and understanding of Charterhouse Medical policies, procedures and programs
    • To share  useful information with their colleagues
    • To identify Charterhouse Medical and themselves when they greet callers
    • To assume management of any problems identified by the caller
    • To allow the caller time to explain their reason for calling
    • To be friendly, courteous, fair and impartial in their dealings with the caller
    • To treat the caller with patience, tolerance, dignity and respect
    • To  provide information that is thorough, accurate, consistent and easy to understand
    • To explain all available options to the caller
    • To correct any mistake openly, honestly and promptly
    • To  respond courteously and promptly to any complaint a caller may have about Charterhouse Medical services
We value your feedback
Charterhouse Medical values constructive feedback on how it might improve its customer service.


To provide feedback, email Charterhouse Medical  will respond to you directly to discuss your feedback.


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